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Facebook Safety Check Nepal Earthquake – Do You Even Know The Purpose?

A natural condition like Earthquake is always hard to explain. Such as their effect that it hits the every little aspects of life is get affected by its direct and indirect result. The recent Earthquake in Nepal took toll on the country’s economical and substantial condition. Earthquake has ruined the lives of the inhabitants in Nepal both personally and professionally.

No wonder that every social media sites are sending them help, since they are the mass [...]

I Know What You Are Doing

You have perhaps heard these words thousands of times when people look at you and say "I know what you are doing". Isn't this a bit bothering? Literally, people often try to take a hand on you saying that they know everything what you are doing, but the reality is they have not even a single idea regarding what you are doing. This could be a serious problem in workplaces where you have to work with a strict boss or manger around you, staring at you always and asking f[...]

Economical Enhancement During Christmas

Do you remember the man, who sold enormous numbers of "vuvuzela" during FIFA World Cup 2010? The person became rich within a day’s sale just for the increase in sale for the occasion of world cup in South Africa. There are many such events around the world that occurs at a year’s gap due to which the sales figure increases considerably. Take for example the celebration of Christmas in the Christian countries (Especially in the West). Due to the Christmas season th[...]

Impact of Online Marketing – An Indian Perspective

Can you remember when did you last experienced a long queue in the apparel shop or a huge craze for a new household model and people buying those products standing in a queue ? Gone are those days when people planned for go shopping outside. Rather with the advent of technology people, preferably the youth population love to shop online which gives a considerable amount of discount along with free home delivery. Especially in India the craze of online marketing has gone[...]