Economical Enhancement During Christmas

Economical Enhancement During Christmas

Do you remember the man, who sold enormous numbers of "vuvuzela" during FIFA World Cup 2010? The person became rich within a day’s sale just for the increase in sale for the occasion of world cup in South Africa. There are many such events around the world that occurs at a year’s gap due to which the sales figure increases considerably. Take for example the celebration of Christmas in the Christian countries (Especially in the West). Due to the Christmas season the sales figure of different products go up in USA and other Western countries. The occasion of Christmas has reached to its summit not only for the Christian community but also for the non-Christian community as well.

Another great reason for encouragement is the Flat Panel Displays and also the Flat Panel TVs are considered to be the hot items for the retailers during the Christmas season. Again at that time there is competition in the market and the prices have been highly reduced, thus automatically giving rise in sales volume.

During the Christmas time, the gifts specially the Christmas tree become very popular product to buy in from the view point of the customers. Basically artificial Christmas tree was invented during the middle ages from Germany. But later in 19th and 20th century it has gained its popularity in Christian countries. The best thing to buy immediately after Christmas is apparel and Christmas decoration. Different online stores give discounts to different products ranging from 30 to 50 percent on top of prices cut by 75 percent already. After Christmas, retailers give provision to the shoppers for a bargain to clear out their merchandise in order to transition to the next season’s good. Also some stores make an early start like and start on Christmas Day.

The Deals for Christmas Include:
      • Buy One, Get One Free: They offer these types of offer mainly in apparels and also in other kinds of products.
      • Cheap Appliances: Special discounts and offers are given for the loyal customers who use specific cards of a store upon purchase of a particular amount.
      • Half-Price Toys: Christmas is a special occasion for the junior members of the family. So the stores offer some attractive toys for the children with a large amount of discount. Usually new types of toys are being displayed in different shops to attract the kids.
      • Items with 25% to 50% Off: Many items are being sold with an attractive 25% to 50%. This results in too much use of Credit Cards and Debit Cards.
      • Hot Toy Deals: At attractive discounts some red-hot toys that are very popular among children are sold at an attractive low price. The offer also applies for many video games.
      • Big Incentives: Shoppers who spend under $100 save an additional 15% off in nearly everything in the store and those who spend more than $100 save an additional 20%
      • Sale in Apparel: The reputed companies offer a discount of 33% during 25th and 26th December of every year.

USA Retail Ecommerce During Christmas

The figure above cleanly support that the revenue in USA shows a considerable growth rate over years during the Christmas time.

It is also found that the strategy for the small and medium business during the Christmas changes on year on year basis. The strategy that was been adopted for the last year might not be applicable for this year. So, the strategies change on a dynamic basis. Still the small and medium enterprise thrives to exist and try to make some profit during this particular time of year. Still many strategies fail and many strategies reach its climax during this period. Thus it is very important to adopt the right strategy at right point of time.