Facebook Safety Check Nepal Earthquake – Do You Even Know The Purpose?

Facebook Safety Check Nepal Earthquake – Do You Even Know The Purpose?

A natural condition like Earthquake is always hard to explain. Such as their effect that it hits the every little aspects of life is get affected by its direct and indirect result. The recent Earthquake in Nepal took toll on the country’s economical and substantial condition. Earthquake has ruined the lives of the inhabitants in Nepal both personally and professionally.

No wonder that every social media sites are sending them help, since they are the mass media and can generate a huge donations in a minute. After the incident, “Facebook” activated the “Safety Check” for people affected by the earthquake in Nepal. The Purpose of Facebook is, “If you're near a natural disaster, you can tell friends if you're safe and check to see if they're safe, too.”

Even the Indians got the same “Safety Check” Button too. In India the aftershocks of the Nepal Earthquake has been felt on different regions. Unlike Nepal, India is not much affected by the devastating earthquake. However, in Nepal, the country’s economical and structural backbone has completely broken down as a result of this earthquake. During this critical situation, Facebook has introduced a great tool to know whether the people are surrounded by that Earthquake danger zone and whether they are in safety zone. Since its introduction, Facebook has received a lot of responses through this Safety Check option. People from different parts of Nepal are hitting the button to let Facebook know their responses.

Although the button is free, it does not mean that we need to hit the same without a real purpose. It’s meant for a serious issue and one should not use it unless they are in real need. For example: the button means nothing to Indian Facebook users since they are virtually not affected by the Earthquake. It’s about them who are affected by this earthquake (Specifically from Nepal). Even if you are curious, there is no point of doing this here in India, since you are safe in your locality and there is no point of admitting the same in front of social media just because Facebook has given you a chance to hit a mere button.

If you want to know who are the persons from your acquaintance that have used the Facebook Safety Check button uselessly, you can open your facebook profile and paste the link bellow in a new tab of that browser. You will find a list of people who have already marked them safe pointlessly.

Hope you will understand my point of view. I have already seen some “Safe” People from Kolkata, West Bengal, India.