I Know What You Are Doing

I Know What You Are Doing

You have perhaps heard these words thousands of times when people look at you and say "I know what you are doing". Isn't this a bit bothering? Literally, people often try to take a hand on you saying that they know everything what you are doing, but the reality is they have not even a single idea regarding what you are doing. This could be a serious problem in workplaces where you have to work with a strict boss or manger around you, staring at you always and asking for the work updates. It could really become difficult for you to make them understand as to what you are doing is appropriate and that you are not wasting time.

Once, I used to work under a manager who always keeps a look at my work pretending that he knows everything about my job. Being a general employee, we could not help avoiding him. We tried to make him understand any problem regarding our projects. But all effort used to go in vein as he was adamant to find so called "mistakes" in our task. And above all, that part was most annoying when he asked us to stop anything outside the office job. One day I was watching a Ted Talk(One of My Favorite) at my office, since I had plenty of leisure hours at that very day. The Ted Talk videos were about leadership by Simon Sinek. Seeing this manager asked me, "What are you watching?" "Is this related to your work?" "I have seen this many times, there is no use of watching these videos," then he asked me to stop the video and forced me to go back to my task. As a senior manager he can stop me to do things outside office works. But what makes me astonished that why he has mentioned "I have seen it many times". I know the name Simon Sinek is quite obscure for him and the video I was watching had been uploaded only a day before. I came to a decision that being senior it was his duty to stop subordinates to do things that are not related to office tasks. There must be a time when every other employee will start copying me i.e. watching videos during office hours. So, he absolutely got a point to force stop me. Even we always think that senior employees have less work to do and they spend leisure hours at office. But this is not true at all, at least in private sector. After all they are the strategy maker and we are the follower. The only point where my senior manager is wrong is the act of pretending that he knows everything about our tasks. Literally, no one can know about everything and that's why we are recruited.

So my point is, no matter you are senior or junior, never pretend that you know everything about any task. There is actually no shame in confessing the truth. If you really need any help, the other employees are always there to help you. Pretending that you know everything you are actually increasing your chance to be wrong at time. Hence, try to understand the motive of each task by discussing with your employees and not by arguing their points.