Impact of Online Marketing – An Indian Perspective

Impact of Online Marketing – An Indian Perspective

Can you remember when did you last experienced a long queue in the apparel shop or a huge craze for a new household model and people buying those products standing in a queue ? Gone are those days when people planned for go shopping outside. Rather with the advent of technology people, preferably the youth population love to shop online which gives a considerable amount of discount along with free home delivery. Especially in India the craze of online marketing has gone viral. Let us take the example of e-bay in this regard. Initially was purely an online website which was mainly catering its service in USA. But in the year 2013, seeing the trend of online marketing increased in Indian market and India always being a market base of huge customers launched its Indian version “” which mainly deals with Indian market.

Different Surveys Based on Online Marketing

A recent survey in October 2013 on ebay has revealed that 78% shoppers prefer shopping on mobiles to get great deals on purchases and 60% shopped on mobiles to save fuel and to avoid parking charges and long queue. Furthermore the survey reports that 85% of the shoppers shop for themselves, 59% shopped for family and 31% shopped for friends. 87% of the respondents stated that the key reasons to shop through mobile is to research product information. Among them the most sold products from the online shopping site are the electronic devices especially mobile phones, home appliances and tablets. Deepa Thomas, e-commerce Evangelist, eBay India said, “Mobile Commerce is gaining significant traction with savvy Indians. Mobile commerce enables consumers to check prices on their mobiles and making purchases after comparing prices. Mobile commerce offers consumers a store in their pocket. As active evangelists of the medium we will continue to innovate and offer consumers with the best shopping experience anytime, anywhere, any device.”

Findings on Online Shopping As a Trend in Indian Market

A survey undergone by coupon rani suggests that the size of current Indian e-commerce is approximately $1.6 billion in sales. It has also been forecasted that the number will increase by 2 to 4 times within next 2 to 3 years.

The top findings are as follows:

  • 74% of the respondents suggest that convenience is the top reason to shop online. To get the service of discounts and coupon, the customers look for online shopping.
  • 27% of the respondents have answered that they do majority of their product requirement through online shopping.
  • 95% of the people look for free coupons and discounts before making any final purchase from online site.
  • The responses reveal that over 53% of the shoppers are below 25 years.

On the other hand, the rate of shopping online in India is increasing day by day and now it stands in a position of 33%yearly growth. Big brands like Puma had experienced only 1% sales through online medium back in 2010 whereas recently the figure has touched a remarkable 15%.

The pictorial view for the reason to choose online media as a platform for shopping is shown below:

Why Do You Shop Online

In this way time and money can be saved at the same time.Another fact suggests that online shopping constitutes of 1-3% of total retail market in India.

What percentage of shopping is online?

The figure tells that the trend of online marketing is increasing day by day and more people are now comfortable to shop online.

Shopping Percentage

Searching For Coupons and Discounts

95% of the online shoppers look for coupons and discounts before making any online purchase.

This concludes that India is experiencing a price war in e-commerce market. Digital entrepreneurs need to find out creative ideas to offer attractive coupons and discounts to the customers such that price does not get affected but the customer can get more value for money. It requires brain storming and testing.

Thus the twenty first century has given rise to a new dimension of marketing that include space for research and brainstorming and the structure of online marketing can be made better in near future. As more and more marketing ideas get implemented in this structure, the online marketing sales will gradually rise creating a win-win condition both for the service providers and the customers.