Privacy Policy

At SpeakIdea we value our user’s privacy. Keeping the personal information of our user is very important to us. We never sell or use the information that we collect from our user. Your information is secure to us as we follow industry standards to protect all delicate and sensitive information submitted to us.

Our Privacy Policy is based on the following attributes:

Speak Idea is in the route of success by improving the latest performance, solutions, and other features to the site and this could even change our company’s practice. During the course of updating our website, we may sometimes change of modify certain terms of service. All changes regarding our service will be posted regularly in the website. As a user, you can visit our site regularly for the latest update and upgradation.

  • While providing our service to the user we may sometime collect personal information from our clients like credit card number, address, email, phones etc. However, we strongly maintain the privacy of our user’s information. We will neither use your personal information nor do we sell your information to the third parties. Your information is safe to us.
  • We may sometime share our client’s information like website URL, content etc with third parties who work on behalf of Speak Idea for further processing.
  • We may use certain technologies, tools, online software etc. in order to collect particulars of our site. For e.g. we may often use analytics to check statistics regarding our website visitors, bounce rate, average time spending, page views etc. This will help us to understand how our visitors make the use of our service.
  • We may use cookies to collect certain information from our user. Opening our website to client’s browser will neither show their identity to use nor will it cause any harm to our client’s system.
  • We may use certain hyperlinks in our site content for the reference of our clients. The sources of these hyperlinks will be mentioned underneath the content. Neither we have control over these hyperlinks nor are we responsible for the content these hyperlinked websites contain.